Re-elect Rick Greene
Chisago County Commissioner Dist 2

Press release, June 2012  

Rick Greene seeks re-election for District 2

               Rick Greene of Amador Township has filed for re-election to Chisago County board of commissioners. Rick has served as county commissioner for District 2 since 2007.  Representing North Branch, Shafer, Taylors Falls and the townships of Amador, Shafer and Sunrise, and now adding Franconiafollowing the new redistricting plan.

Greene has been a lifelong resident of Chisago County. “My family history in Chisago County dates back to the mid 1800s.  I the fourth oldest child of 14 children, born and raised on a family dairy farm in Franconia Township.  Having such a large family has given me untold experience in the art of negotiation and compromise."

After graduating from Taylors Falls High School and then Dunwoody Institute, where he earned a degree in electronics, Greene continued with a 40 year career in agribusiness with John Deere in Osceola, WI.  Greene remains a lifelong member of his church and is a member of the Farm Bureau.

In addition, Rick and his wife Randi, a registered nurse, have owned and operated a successful grain and livestock farm outside of Almelund for the past 35 years.  He and his wife raised three children on this farm, all graduating from North Branch High School.  Morgan is employed at Stepp Manufacturing, a family-owned business in Sunrise and very busy with his family.  Elizabeth is married to U.S. Marine Gunnery SSgt. Tony Henriquez, who has completed three deployments to Iraq adn just returned in March from an 18 month duty in Africa.  We are thrilled that Liz, Tony and 2 1/2 year old TJ are all back together and stationed in San Diego.  Youngest son Charlie is currently living in Roseau, MN working for Polaris in it's transportation devision.   “I am proud of my family, especially my three grandchildren.”

“I feel that 40 years in local business, 35 years running a successful livestock operation, and my previous years a County Commissioner have given me the management skills our county needs in these challenging times.” 
Greene started his service in local government on the Amador Township board, rising to the position of chairman.  He won a seat on the Chisago County board in 2006, was elected vice-chair in 2009 and chairman of the board for 2010.  He is also a member of a number of county and regional committees.  “My years of experience as a township supervisor and county commissioner have given me the background to understand how government funding sources work and how to really get things done in local government."

One of the county board’s greatest accomplishments during my terms has been our determination to initiate and maintaine a zero percent tax levy increase in the years 2010, 2011, and 2012.  No one can remember the last time Chisago County had no increase in the annual tax levy.”  We continue to accomplish this in the face continueing multimillion-dollar funding cuts while still provide good service for our residents.” 

Additional accomplishments during his term are:

· Approved plans for millions of dollars of road improvements in District 2 during 2010, 2011, and 2012- without raising taxes.

· Increased commercial/industrial tax base.

· County bond rating remains very strong.

· Respectful county board meetings where citizen input is encouraged and valued.

“In order for our county to thrive during these tough times, the board must be continually vigilant about protecting taxpayer dollars from waste and misuse. That was my goal when I started and continues to be my top priority as we move on in this economy.   This takes courage and requires forward thinking that looks to the future.”

Please contact me at my web site,, or call 651-583-2513.  I represent you, and to do that I need to know your opinions.  I enjoy listening and talking to you about your ideas. 

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